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At Loveland Eyecare, LLC we offer our patients the latest in Computer manufactured Digital eyeglass lens technology that will provide excellence in visual acuity, comfort and safety. 

Our authentic Nikon lenses include single vision, thin, light, anti-glare, polarized, transitions lenses as well as Progressive bifocal lenses which will provide clear and comfortable distance, computer/intermediate, and near viewing. 

We also carry a wide selection of adult and children’s sports goggles and motorcycle eyewear for ease of viewing, comfort, and safety during your activities.

Choosing your lenses carefully is important for optimizing your vision and your appearance.  Our experienced Optical Staff will help you to find the best combination of all lens type, lens material and lens coatings, based on your individual needs and budget. 



To learn more about lenses:

Single vision lenses

Correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Spherical lenses:
  • Our Nikon lenses offers single vision (spherical lenses), economical lenses great for low prescriptions.

Aspheric lenses:
  • Flatter and thinner than spherical lenses, Nikon’s range of high-performance aspheric lenses have two advantages:
  • Better vision: less distortion at the periphery of the lens for vision that is equally sharp at the   edges and in the center.
  • A more attractive look: less marked magnification (hyperopia) with less of an impact on the wearer’s natural appearance and eye size. Your lenses will be more visually appealing with increased visual comfort.


Multifocal lenses

Correct distance, intermediate and nearsightednes (presbyopia).

The Presio i progressive lens is particularly recommended for people who have recently been diagnosed with presbyopia and those whose main priority is their far vision. Advantages include:

  • Comfortable vision that makes it easy to forget your presbyopia
  • Wide field of near vision and good far vision
  • Minimal side viewing distortion
  • Rapid adjustment
  • Slim, light and discreet

The Presio Power Lens

Nikon has created another innovative product with Presio Power, the latest Progressive lens from Nikon. Advantages include:

  • New advances in technology have been used to create its new Dual Power Progressive design, which offers natural vision at any distance with no adjustment period.
  • Eliminates distortion for broad, clear vision.
  • Works with your natural posture.
  • A stylish lens that suits all types of frames.


Coatings by Nikon

UV protection

Your eyes need protection from the sun’s harmful rays in much the same way that we protect our skin. We offer a full selection of polarized sun wear that will protect against harmful UV rays as well as glare. All of our sunglasses are available in prescription and non-prescription lenses.
Our lenses filter 100% of UV radiation, providing total protection for your eyes.

The risks of UV radiation:

UV rays are invisible to the naked eye but are present all the time, even in cloudy weather. Failing to protect your eyes can cause problems in the long term such as:

  • keratitis (a chronic disease of the cornea),
  • early cataracts (opaqueness of the crystalline lens that can lead to total or partial blindness)
  • age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Wearing protective eyewear, either sunglasses or regular glasses, is therefore recommended to protect your eyesight.

 UV for Children's lenses

Children's eyes are more sensitive than those of adults. Their crystalline lens is extremely vulnerable: it does not filter UV rays until the age of 10 or 12. Children are also more exposed to solar radiation because they spend more time outdoors, in the playground or on the sports field.

It is therefore essential to provide children with corrective lenses that offer good UV protection, and to make the lenses from a suitable material. The solidity of the lens is also important to avoid the risk of the glasses breaking or the child being injured in the event of an impact. An anti-reflective and especially a high-performance water-repellent coating is essential to keep the lens free from smudges and optimize vision.

Polarizing lenses: the best protection in the sun

Polarizing lenses protect from UV and also reduce glare.

  • They remove effects of reverberation caused by the sun reflecting off plane surfaces (sea, snow, road).
  • Polarizing lenses guarantee comfort and safety for all your outdoor activities.